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Best practices around the world

RECLAIM WATER - Water Reclamation Technologies for Safe Managed Aquifer Recharge

Dune infiltration ponds Atlantis (South Africa); Small-scale riverbank infiltration - making use of river sediment storage Bangladesh(India); Artificial groundwater recharge and protection zones in arid areas Wadi Wala Dam(Jordan); Providing drinking water in areas with saline groundwater Chaco (Paraguay); Kitui sand storage dams (Kenya); Using floods for irrigation and recharge (Yemen); Diverting short floods to infiltration basins in extremely arid areas (Niger); Subsurface dams - intercepting the groundwater flow for storage (Brazil); Retaining water in very humid areas North Bengal (India); Creating a ‘water bank’ with surplus surface water (Namibia); High altitude surface water retention dams Oco˝a Basin (Peru); Harvesting rain in dry areas (Sub-Saharan Africa); Springwater harvesting (Tanzania); Rainwater harvesting in salt-affected areas (Senegal); Multiple aspects of rainwater (Nepal); Making the most of road infrastructure for recharge, retention and reuse;

DINA-MAR Project (Spain)

Progress in managed aquifer recharge in Australia

Aquifer Storage Transfer & Recovery (South Australia)

The Atlantis Water Resource Management Scheme - AWRMS (South Africa) Equus Beds Groundwater Recharge Project (South-Central Kansas)




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