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Implementing partner:

University of Sassari

Universitat de Barcelona - MAiMA

PARTNER 1 - Spain

The Mineralogia Aplicada i Medi Ambient (MAiMA) research group centers its work in the use of isotopic tools to identify the contamination sources and to evaluate the evolution of contaminants in the environment. The research group has set up techniques to measure the N and O isotopic ratios in nitrates; S and O in sulfides and sulfates; C and H in DIC and organic compounds and D/O in water and hydrated solid phases.

Staff involved

Dr. Albert Soler - Partner Responsible and Geochemistry
Dr. Angels Canals - Geochemistry and Mineralogy
Dr. Neus Otero - Isotopic Geochemistry
Dr. Clara Torrentó - Geochemistry
Dr. Cristina Domènech - Geochemistry
Dr. Manuela Barbieri – Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry
Raúl Carrey - Hydrogeochemistry
Carme Audí Miró - Isotopic geochemistry
Mercè Olamendi - Laboratory technician





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