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News on WADIS-MAR activities

In these last months several actions were carried out within WADIS-MAR project for gradually achieving the results of each projected activity:

Activity 1 - Project Management and coordination

Activity 1.2 – Administrative and financial setting up and arrangement
Launching of some tender procurement in Algeria

Activity 2 – Integrated Water and Agricultural Management (IWAM) System design

A 2.1 – Existing data collection and geodatabase realization

3D reconstruction of Tunisian geological surfaces
This activity started at the beginning of  2013 for the intervention site of Tunisia and it is in progress.  These are the steps already carried out: examination of stratigraphic logs for the study area and implementation of geographic, geological, hydro-geological and chemical informations within geo-database; digitalization of geological chart and location of stratigraphic logs; chronostratigraphic interpretation of geological data; constructing of geological cross sections for building the tri-dimension model of Trias surface in order to identify the lower Triassic aquifer geometry.

Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) classification of Algeria site
Land cover classes were obtained throughout the interpretation of remote sensed data, in particular Landsat satellite image from June 2011, corroborating other available spatial data with agricultural calendars, statistics and bibliographical data used for a major precision of class assignment. The methodological and classification approach was the one proposed by CORINE land cover, which allowed us to delineate a land cover legend and interpretation keys and variables, adapted to the local context.
We have proceeded to the establishment of validation points/training areas in order to have a basic validation of the ground – truth data, aiming for a further multi – temporal analysis of the land cover distribution, given the availability of remotely sensed data such as Landsat 5, 7 and 8, allowing the achievement of an optimal level of knowledge of the territory and providing the methodological foundation for project monitoring activities. 

A 2.2 – Field data survey
In September 2013 a technical monitoring visit in Medenine was carried out at the following sites which have been selected for the pilot agronomic demonstration activities: Bedoui (Délégation Sidi Makhlouf), Megarine (Délégation Médenine Nord), Ksar el Hallouf (Délégation Beni Kheddache), Chaabet El Anze (Délégation Beni Kheddache).
Other selected sites where to install the artificial aquifer recharge intervention have been visited: Oued Ennageb / Koutine and wadi Arniane

A2.3 – Public Participatory GIS - PPGIS
On 13th and 14th June  2013 two PPGIS workshops were held in Médenine (Tunisie) involving farmers of three selected Oum Zessar sub-catchments (Chaabet El Anaz – upstream, Loudayette – middle-stream, Oued Moussa – downstream areas) that are actually practicing rainfed farming systems as well as farmers from three irrigated sites (Bedoui, Megarine and Ksar el Hallouf) where WADIS-MAR agronomic activities are being carrying out.
Aims of the workshops were:

  • to share experiences between farmers that use different farming management systems;
  • to update the action plan matrix for each sub-catchment (with a better definition of numbers of water harvesting systems to implement, time, costs, etc.);
  • to select three representative farmers (for the upstream, middle-stream and downstream areas) with whom to implement additional demonstration agronomic activities focused on the improvement of the water supplementary irrigation management for olive trees in summer.

A2.4 – Final design
Some proposals for the artificial groundwater recharge in Tunisia and Algeria sites have been developed. They should be discussed with with partners in next technical missions for evaluation of costs, feasibility, etc..

Artificial recharge proposals for the alluvial aquifer upstream of Biskra city (Option I)

Artificial recharge proposals for the alluvial aquifer upstream of Biskra city (Option II)


Activity 3 - IWAM System construction

A 3.3 - Realization and rehabilitation of existing irrigation infrastructures and A 3.4 - Implementation of best agricultural practices
Implementation of agronomic interventions for water harvesting techniques, soil erosion control, cropping diversification and water saving strategies started in the identified four sites in Tunisia:

Download kmz file with the locations of the 4 sites in Google Earth: 

For additional information see WADIS-MAR video Gallery (

Activity 6 – Dissemination

Participation to the meetings, workshops and iteration with other EU projects:

5-7 November 2013, Riva del Garda (Italy), Conferenza Nazionale ASITA. Maria Teresa Melis et al., Spectral characterisation of salt - affected areas in the hydrological basin of Oued Biskra in Algeria, with the support of WADIS - MAR Project water management policies. (Abstract) Download abstract

28-30 October 2013, Meeting of GIGS (Gruppo Italiano Geologi Strutturali) Milano (Italy).  Buttau et al., Structural geology study for hydrogeological purpose of the area between Batna and Biskra (NE Algeria). (POSTER). Download abstract

30 September – 4 October 2013,  SWAT INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP IN SARDINIA - Pula (CA), Sardinia (Italy). Iocola et al., Use of SWAT-WHT model for the assessment of Integrated Water and Agriculture Management systems implemented in WADIS-MAR demonstration project (Oral presentation). Download abstact

10-14 September, 2013. 1st CIGR Inter-Regional Conference on Land and Water Challenges – Bari (Italy), WADIS-MAR - Water harvesting and Agricultural techniques in Dry lands: an Integrated and Sustainable model in Maghreb Region. (Oral presentation) Download abstact

Iteration with CADWAGO project ( Skype interview with post docs on Tunisia area aiming to help their understanding about what is the situation of interest in the site (water dilemma), how WADIS-MAR are operating in a situation characterized by complexity and multi-perspectives and what lines of enquiry could be envisaged for further exploration.

Scheduled activities until December 2013

  • 2 december 2013: steering committee meeting at tunis (tunisia);
  • December 2013: agriculture field mission at biskra (algeria);
  • december 2013: equipment purchasing (algeria)
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