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Implementing partner:

University of Sassari

Nucleo Ricerca Desertificazione (NRD)

Università di Sassari


The Nucleo Ricerca Desertificazione of the University of Sassari (NRD-UNISS) was born in 1990 as a multidisciplinary research group focusing on Mediterranean desertification; the NRD staff is made up of researchers and scientists from several Institutes and Departments of the University.
Since its establishments, the NRD researchers have been involved in the study of physical, biological and socio-economics aspects of desertification and land degradation in the Mediterranean, with particular reference to the impact of agricultural policies and agropastoral activities.

Management Board

Prof. Giorgio Ghiglieri - Project Coordinator
Prof. Luciano Gutierrez - Director NRD
Prof. Giuseppe Enne - Senior Expert
Dr. Alessandra Paulotto - Project Coordinator Assistant
Dr. Nadia Maio-Project Financial Manager Assistant
Dr. Roberta Lobina - Project Financial Manager

Staff involved

Dr. Oumelkheir Belkheir - Agronomic Best Practices
Dr. Alberto Carletti - GIS, Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Maria Laura Ruiu - Sociologist

Dr. Chiara Zanolla - Administration and Communication
Dr. Antonio Funedda – Geologist
Dr. Cristina Buttau – Geologist
Dr. Maria Teresa Melis - Remote Sensing
Dr. Gabriela Mihaela Afrasinei - PhD student
Dr. Claudio Arras - Junior hydrogeologist
Dr. Vittorio Longo - Junior hydrogeologist
Dr. Stefania Da Pelo - Hydrogeologist/hydrogeochemistry








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