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Training course on agrometeorology, ITDAS (BISKRA), Algeria, March 31st – April 3rd, 2014

Teacher: Andrea Motroni, (Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of SardiniaARPAS Sardinia)

A short course on Agrometeorology and its application was carried out at the general Department of Technological Institute for Agricultural Development (ITDAS) in Biskra, Algeria from 31st March to 3rd April 2014.
The course was attended by 14 participants working as engineers at ITDAS and the National Agency for Research in Hydrology (ANRH). 57% of the participants were women.  About 7-8 hours of lessons were given per day, with one hour break for lunch.
The following issues were presented and discussed during the 4 day short course:

  • From weather to agriculture: temperature, rainfall, evapotranspiration. The influence of cardinal temperatures on the choice of crop varieties and the best time for cultivating different crops.
  • The study of heat units accumulation and the interaction with plant phenology. How to calculate Growing Degree Days and Chilling units. Practical Examples of correct use of this information in agriculture.
  • The importance of rainfall in rainfed and irrigated agriculture. Rainfall patterns and “quality” of rain. Rainfall and extreme events (intense rainfall, drought)
  • The significance of evapotranspiration. Methods for evapotranspiration calculating. Examples of application of evapotranspiration data at different scales (punctual, local, regional, etc. )
  • Potential, actual and maximum evapotranspiration: from the theory to the practical use of ETo data in atmospheric water deficit determination and real water demand from the plant. Examples of real ET calculation for different crops with local interest.
  • From evapotranspiration to irrigation: water balance estimating and theory.
  • Irrigation scheduling, best time for irrigating, field capacity and wilting point, available water content of a soil. 
  • Irrigation volumes and threshold, water requirements and loss, irrigation systems and efficiency.



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