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University of Sassari



Activity 1 - Project Management and coordination

Activity 2 - Integrated Water and Agricultural Management (IWAM) System design

This activity will aim at baseline study of the physical context and filling existing knowledge lacks to gives a range of potential solution and options for improving the situation in the short (immediate needs) and long term (climate change time scale) and to identify the implementation requirements (problem analysis and planning). The involvement of the local community during the final planning of the intervention is foresee to enrich the acquired knowledge for the finale executive planning.

It includes these sub-activities:

A 2.1 - Existing data collection and geodatabase realization

Activities and Results

A 2.2 - Field data survey

Activities and Results

A2.3 - Public Participatory GIS PPGIS

Activities and Results

A2.4 - Final design

Activity 3 - IWAM System construction

Activity 4 - Performance assessment and maintenance phase

Activity 5 - Awareness raising and capacity building

Activity 6 – Dissemination

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